• 5″ touch screen with 4 core processor
  • Android 4.4.2 (you can install your own applications)
  • Wireless connection with the sensor (Bluetooth)
  • Supports up to 4 sensors
  • Aluminum sensor

Electronic wireless fuel consumption measurement system

   Flowtrecs Android BT  multi-functional meter is an excellent choice for motorboats, providing essential data on engine operations and boat movement to maximize fuel efficiency and support ecological sustainability. It measures key parameters such as engine RPM, boat speed, fuel consumption (l/h), fuel level, voltage, and engine hours. A standout feature is its fuel economy indicator, which shows how many kilometers can be traveled per liter of fuel.

Understanding that fuel consumption is influenced by various factors—many of which can be controlled by the driver, like speed, weight distribution, engine trim settings, and propeller size—the Flowtrecs is invaluable. Without accurate data, optimizing these settings is challenging. For example, reducing speed by 5 km/h or adjusting engine trim could increase travel distance from 15 km to 20 km on the same fuel amount.

Fuel consumption changes non-linearly with speed, making optimization difficult without precise data. The Flowtrecs addresses this by providing real-time measurements of fuel consumption and boat speed, and calculating the fuel economy rate. This allows users to make informed decisions to significantly reduce fuel usage, which not only saves money but also reduces the environmental impact.

Minimizing fuel consumption directly translates to a lower carbon footprint, making boating more environmentally friendly. By helping users optimize their fuel efficiency, the Flowtrecs contributes to protecting marine ecosystems and reducing pollution.

However, it’s important to note that the meter itself doesn’t automatically reduce fuel consumption. The user must act on the data provided, adjusting RPM, trim, and ballast to achieve optimal fuel efficiency and contribute to a greener, more sustainable boating experience.

Main features

1. Fuel consumption l./h
2. Total fuel consumption 
3. Fuel Economy indicator km/l
4. Fuel in the tank (remainining) 
5. Range
6. Speed
7. Voltage  
8. Clock 
9. Distance   
10. RPM speed r/min (Attention! Please read optional accessories)
11. Screen brightness control
12. Motohour counter MTH 
13. Single engine operation 
14. MOB – Men Over Board that is saving the current position
15. Anchor alarm
16. Multilanguage screens (DE, ENG)
17. Units selection km/h,l  knots,l  knots,gal UK  knots,gal US
18. Settings lock (password secured)

Optional Accessories (Please read if you wish to use RPM Tachometer)

Carburettor engines (stationary and outboard) require the use of a tacho pulse limiter due to their excessive amplitude. If you have an injection engine, you don’t need a tacho pulse limiter. Tacho pulse limiter is available in 2 versions: for stationary engines and for outboard engines.

Package contain:

1. 5″ CTP TFT colour touch panel (non waterproof)
2. FS-40 flow sensor
3. Wireless BT Connection Adapter
4. Operating instruction
5. Cable ties


For Diesel engines (with return flow), sensor selection require some action from the user. You need to provide us data of your engine feeding pump capacity. Fuel consupmtion is often much lower than fuel volume coming throw incoming fuel sensor . The best solution is measuring max. fuel flow  returning  to the tank. (excess fuel). e.g.: engines with 50 l/h consumption, are pumping 100 l/h to the tank. In this case you need sensor for 150l/h flow (not 50 l/h).   

RPM readings may require additional Hall sensor which are not included.
Depending on condition of your engine feeding pumps and injectors some additional components like one-way valve and dumpers could be necessary. They are available separately.

Available versions:
  • SINGLE – 1 sensor for 1 petrol engine
  • DUO – 2 sensors for 2 petrol engines
  • DIESEL – 2 sensors for 1 diesel engine (with fuel return)
  • DUO DIESEL – 4 sensors for 2 diesel engines (with fuel return)

Note – the product is available in several versions that differ in type flow sensor used:

S for engines 20 – 60 HP ( 0.5 – 20 l/h ) ( 1.2 mm inner diameter)

M for engines 60 – 130 HP ( 1 – 40 l/h ) ( 2 mm inner diameter)

L for engines 130 – 250 HP ( 1.5 – 90 l/h ) ( 3 mm inner diameter)

XL for engines 250 – 300 HP ( 2 – 120 l/h ) ( 4 mm inner diameter)

XXL for engines 300 – 350 HP (3 – 180 l/h ) ( 4.5 mm inner diameter)

3XL for engines 350 HP and more (5 – 300 l/h ) ( 6 mm inner diameter)

Allows you to get important savings on fuel!

After buying please specify your engine ad we will fit the best sensor for you.